Magda Olivero, soprano

Giacinto Prandelli – a name that holds all my admiration. With his fine voiceand technique, he performed well in the hardest of roles, and tackled themwith ease and great personality.

I remember, for instance, performances of Traviata in which he was the ideal Alfredo,and even the magnificent costume he wore with all its fine trimmings. This, too, was a vital part of the character, which he portrayed with enthusiasm, dedicationand humility. It would be a source of great joy for opera lovers if they unexpectedlydiscovered another Prandelli with the same marvellous qualities and finesse.For several years we both had the difficult task of judging the “New Voices”contest in Pavia. During that time I came to appreciate his kindness towards thecontestants; he gave them advice and suggested improvements in that gentle, paternalway of his.

I am pleased to have had the privilege to meet and work with a man as great anartist as he was a friend.