Maria Luisa Ghidini, granddaughter

It is with immense joy that I look forward to the publication of the biography of my uncle Giacinto. My name is Maria Luisa Ghidini, his niece and daughter of Maria Prandelli, his younger sister. My uncle has been a source of pride for me since I was a little girl, someone to be mentioned at every opportunity.

Whenever I used to say “I am the niece of the tenor Giacinto Prandelli,” even to non-musicians, the other person instantly reacted with “Ah, a fine man, an allround artist – and so refined too!” The words were more or less the same, and always highly flattering.

I remember Uncle Giacinto’s last performance at the Teatro Grande in Brescia. It was in February 1970 when I was just thirteen years of age. I looked on from the wings as he handed out autographs to his numerous admirers. I hardly dared approach him, but he called me to him, smiling in delight.

I was unable to follow my uncle’s career personally as I was too young when he performed on the stages of the world’s great theatres. But my admiration for him has always been great, increasing over the years as I read review after review and listened to his best songs, which – sensing my interest – he often presented to me. I am proud of this book, which will help eternalise the art in which Uncle Giacinto excelled and will teach youngsters about the brilliant career of a great artist and true gentleman of the operatic stage.