Tribute to Prandelli


My only hope is that this compact disc will be purchased and enjoyed not only by the usual collectors, those who have everything on record, CD, video and cassette, but also by young singing students, by their teachers, and by certain young career men, high-flying yet well off target for the gates of Paradise.

Giacinto Prandelli, who hails from Lumezzane in the province of Brescia, truly deserved this tribute, and Fernando Battaglia, who edited the anthology Il Mito dell’Opera, did us all a favour by bringing out this CD. The recordings were made between 1949 and 1956 and include the most famous pieces in the repertoire of this classic operatic tenor. He sings with passion, as you will hear from his rendition of Ah, Dispar vision from Manon, or the two arias from Puccini’s Manon Lescaut, in which Prandelli reveals a temperament and accentuation of rare effectiveness.

There are also several examples of what has now fallen into disuse: impeccable intonation (Ah, non mi ridestar is the gold standard), legato, timbre, (mezza voce and forte alternating in Una furtiva lagrima, Cielo e mar and Cercherò lontana terra), rinforzato and diminished sounds, proof of his excellent breathing control and interpretational skills.

We should not, however, forget that Prandelli added to all this a voice with a constant timbre throughout the range, another quality rarely encountered nowadays.

Ettore Stinchelli